We follow all guidelines instructed by our Manufacture as well as the Insurance Carrier involved in the project. Each build is carefully reviewed by our local manufactuer representative to enssure quality control.  


Roof Deck Inspection

Upon the previous roofing system being removed from your home, we carefully inspect each piece of plywood for rot. Replacing each board to prevent future leaks and faulted warranty.

Synthetic Underlayment

Our synthetic underlayment is installed throughout the roof covering every square inch of possible exposure. Guides along the felt assists the installers on where to drive nails to reduce the overuse of cap-nails.


Weather Watch Underlayment

Also called Ice and Water, this is placed in all your valleys, rakes and eaves. A waterproof membrane preventing water from finding a way into your most susceptible areas on the roof.

Cobra-3 Ridge Vent

We install the Cobra-3 Ridge Vent on all the roofs we install. This is an updated ridge vent designed to withstand years of exposure to the elements. It is hand nailed after the installation of the shingles.


Pro-Start Starter Shingle

Made with a high-quality, properly positioned adhesive that will tightly lock your shingles in place to help prevent shingle blow-off. Easy to use and install, with no cutting on the roof. 

Ridge Cap Shingle

Ridge cap shingles are specifically designed to fit the ridges of roofs. That's why they are typically pre-bent and thicker than regular roof shingles, which tend to crack when folded over the ridge. ... Additionally, ridge cap shingles have more adhesion and a thicker nailing area when compared to regular shingles.


Cleanup and Final Touches

Our installers will use magnetic hand strips and rollers to collect any and all nails that may have fallen off the roof. Landscaping and drive-way will be thoroughly combed to remove scraps and debris.

Quality Control Inspection 

After all tasks are completed, the project manager on sight will do a complete walkthrough of the property to address any questions and concerns the property owner may have. We do not leave until all questions are answered and documented.